Itch in the Stitch

Itch in the Stitch – a work for one body, two minds and a tub of lard – explores the subject of self-image, gluttony, and obsession. Pushing the envelope past the obvious stereotypes, the solo work performed in a fat suit takes audiences on a journey past the superficiality of a “skin” that is eventually shed, down to the character’s inner core.

Itch in the Stitch spits out chunks of unsettling revelations. It is a pilgrimage of struggle, self-revelation, and ultimate liberation. Like knowledge that can be tasted but not swallowed, or yearning for liberation that seeks to understand the nature of enslavement – powerful and raw, the work is like an itch that can’t be scratched.

World Premiere: Movement Salon, New York City, 2003
Revival Premiere: Dance New Amsterdam, New York City, 2007, 30 min

Direction, Choreography and Performance: Pavel Zuštiak; Projection Design: Nectarios Leonidas; Lighting Design: Joe Levasseur; Sound Design: Pavel Zuštiak; Music: Vladimír Godár; Text: Kim Simpson

A Palissimo Inc. production.

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