Blind Spot

Set in a murky room with an enigmatic mirror and semi-transparent plastic curtain, at once obscuring and revealing what happens behind them, Blind Spot is a dreamlike piece concerned with the tension between the cruelty of what people do to each other and the insistent beauty of the world they live in. The work delves into themes of resurrection, recovery and renewal of the senses, the basic physical experiences by which we make sense of our worlds. Its nonlinear structure consists of a series of fast-changing, hallucinatory scenes; each of them reveals individuals facing their alienation, both from themselves and from others. Two male and two female dancers (Gina Bashour, Yoel Cassell, Ashleigh Leite, Anthony Whitehurst) interact with each other in various ways: they fight and embrace, play with a set of surreally employed props, try to connect and communicate to no avail, curse one another out, lift each other up. Framed by menacing sound design by Pavel Zuštiak, evocative lighting by Joe Levasseur and eerie video imagery by Jose Aragon, the work conveys the character’s intense disconnection from their world, their friends and lovers, even their own bodies – they struggle to reconnect, unite and belong, only to find out that the eponymous “blind spot” will always remain.

World Premiere: Chashama, New York City, September 2003, Revival Premiere: Performance Space 122, New York City, June 2008, 60min

Direction and Choreography: Pavel Zuštiak; Performers (Original Cast): Gina Bashour, Yoel Cassell, Ashleigh Leite, Anthony Whitehurst, Alberto Denis; Projection Design: Jose Aragon; Lighting Design: Joe Levasseur, Joe Doran (Original Version); Set And Sound Design: Pavel Zuštiak; Costume Design: Nick Vaughan; Music: Yann Tiersen, Stephen Pompougnac, Taize; Foyer Photography Installation: Jose Aragon

A Palissimo Inc. production.

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